Inspection Systems
Baggage and Vehicle Inspection

For more than 100 years X-ray technology has been instrumental in exposing details hidden from the human eye. xrayRadiation, detection and image processing technologies instantly deliver superb images of scanned objects whilst maintaining the highest possible level of operator safety. These days security means more than just surveillance equipment to monitor your facility. You need to screen visitors to make sure they are not carrying contraband or weapons and for greater security, you may also need to screen your incoming packages and mail. The ability to detect explosives, narcotics and weapons has become increasingly important to your security.


The threats posed by terrorists use of explosives and by narcotics trafficking differ in significant ways. The bombing of an aircraft is still a rare event, but the consequences are catastrophic. By contrast, narcotics’ trafficking is a frequent occurrence and a single shipment has far different consequences than an aircraft bombing.X-Ray machines are a perfect solution for the quick but thorough inspection of baggage and other materials for firearms and other weapons. An X-Ray system in conjunction with a good metal detection system is likely to let little pass unnoticed.

   Walk-through Metal Detectors
People only purchase metal detectors because of a potential threat of violence or to protect valuable assets. The fact that you are reading this means that you are either an existing user of metal detectors, or are contemplating purchasing one. Modern detectors fall under two general categories, single-zone and multiple-zone. The single-zone technology that has been in use for more than 30 years is being superseded by multi-zone technology. In multi-zone detectors the archway is divided into a number of horizontal zones. This allows the height at which a weapon is being carried to be displayed. Each zone, in the case of a true multiple zone detector, can be considered as an individual metal detector that has been housed in a single frame assembly. The sensitivity of each zone can be precisely controlled. The multiple- zone concept can be extended further by subdividing the horizontal zones into three sectors.

 This permits the location of a weapon to be precisely pin pointed. In addition to showing the height at which it is carried it also identifies if it is in the center, left or right of sector of the detector.

Hand Held Detectors

Hand held detectors are designed primarily to compliment scanning by walk-through metal detectors. It must be emphasized that hand scanning is no substitute for walk-through metal detection screening. A properly conducted hand held detector search needs to be very systematic and requires skill. Done correctly, it is both time consuming and physically demanding as all parts of the subject must be carefully scanned.